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Open your browser and type: http://localhost/phpmyadmin and then press enter. You'll have a screenshot as the one below for AMPPS and XAMPP.

Now, in the phpmyadmin environment,
1. Click on Users.
2. Below it, you will see, Add user, click on it. The add user environment opens.
3. Enter User name, in this case let’s use: “joomxyz”
4. Then under Host, select local
5. Password: “user123”
6. Re-type (password): “user123”.

7. Scroll down to see: “Database for User”
8. Check: Create database with same name and grant all privileges
9. Scroll down a little to see: Global privileges (Check All /Uncheck All)
10. Click: "Check All" in the Global privileges (Check All /Uncheck All).

From the above, our
1. Database name: “joomxyz”
2. Username: ”joomxyz“
3. Password: “user123”.

Please note the above parameters because we will soon need them to install our Joomla site.

If you have done everything as specified above, you will have a screenshot as the one shown below.