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  1. Download the Joomla! 3.x full package at http://www.joomla.org/download.html
  2. The file is compressed (zipped) so you need extracting software like WinRar to extract the file to a folder. Let’s name this folder as “JoomlaTraining”. This means all the Joomla files will be inside the JoomlaTraining Folder.
  3. Next, you will copy the “JoomlaTraining” folder to the subfolder called “www” in your AMPPS folder. By default, AMPPS would be installed to your C:\Program Files. Please always ensure that AMPPS is always installed in this path. C:\Program Files. This means the “JoomlaTraining” will be in this path. C:\Program Files\Ampps\www\JoomlaTraining.
  4. Type http://localhost/ into your browser. The below image will appear.

  5. Click: “JoomlaTraining” and the image below will appear.
  6. Follow all steps in Joomla! installation:
    a. Step 1. Main Configuration
     Select Language: Choose your own language in the drop-down menu, for example, “English (United States)”
     Site Name: Enter the name of your site
     Description: Enter the description of your site
     Site Offline: Choose status for your website when you access to your site: Click “Yes” for “offline” and “No” for “online”
     Admin Email: Enter your valid email address you want to use for your site
     Admin Username: Enter “admin” as default
     Admin Password: Enter your own password
     Confirm Admin Password: Re-type your password
     Click “Next” to continue Step 2

Please NOTE: I used “admin” as “Admin Username” while “user123” as “Admin Password”. You may use any parameter that is convenient for you. We will use this Admin Username and Password to access the administrator side of the website later on so keep track of them.
Remember our database configuration parameters?

Here they are:
i. Database name: “joomxyz”
ii. Username: “joomxyz”
iii. Password: “user123”
We'll use them in our database configuration form below:

b. Step 2. Main Configuration
 Database type*:
 Select MySQLHost Name*: Localhost
 Username*: joomxyz
 Password*: user123
 Database*: joomxyz
 Table prefix*: You may use the one that was randomly generated or enter 3 or 4 alphanumeric characters and MUST end with an underscore (_).
 Old Database Process*: You may leave the default option that's selected.

Checking the values we entered so far.
The below image displays all the values we have entered so far in this installation: You don't change anything here.

c. Step 3. Overview
 Finalization: You can choose installing sample data or not, by clicking on corresponding selection. For the sake of how popular the field of blogging is becoming, we'll choose: Blog English (GB) Sample Data.
 Overview: This step is to review all information you configured in step 1. After checking, you click “Install”.
 When installation finishes, you just need to click the button “Remove installation folder” button to complete the installation process. After that, you can either click on 
“Site” to see your newly created or “Administrator” to access the administration area.