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You may encounter the screen below, and you cannot move forward.

If your installation freezes at the last step, please take these steps to alter some files and then run the installation again.

Method № 1

1. Go to C:\Program Files\Ampps\www\JoomlaTraining.
2. Click on the Installation folder, then sql folder, then mysql folder

3. Locate joomla.sql inside the mysql folder and open it with a text editor.
4. Press ctrl h, it will pop out a tab, type engine=innodb in d find what section and type engine=myisam in the replace section and click on replace all, wait till it replaces d command and the save your document and close the notepad.

MyIsam is more supported and compatible with Joomla.

NOTE: Do also the same with (sample_data.sql) file, if it's quickstart setup.

Method № 2

Open "index.php" file in Joomla installation" folder and add "set_time_limit(3000)" line after "define('_JEXEC',1);"

Method № 3

Open "php.ini" file in C:\Program Files\Ampps\www\JoomlaTraining\bin\php\php.ini and change

  • from: max_execution_time = 30
  • to: max_execution_time = 3000

5. Restart your system.
6. Re-run the Joomla installation again.