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This is where a Joomla site is put together and all the changes are made by the minute when you run a site that requires regular updates. Since we will be learning most items here let me briefly introduce you to the basic configuration of the administrator's end.

Global Configuration:

Click Global Configuration on the left side of the administrator's landing page. It is under SYSTEM. The Global Configuration setting is grouped into tabbed menu items. They are Site, System, Server, Permissions, Text Filters.
The selected item here by default is Site:

Site Settings:

You may not need to do much here save you need to change the Site Name or Put the site offline; you may leave other settings as they are.

  • Metadata Settings: Here you can input some meta tag parameters to optimize your site for search engines. You may also write your Content Rights here.
    You can leave any other configuration here (Site) just as it is.


You can leave the configuration for the System just the way it is.