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Components are built to extend Joomla’s functionality with third-party options.

To access the Components, Click Components and all the components in your Joomla site will be listed in the drop down.

For the sake of the class, we will discuss two in-built components; they are Contacts, and Joomla! Update.

  1. Overview of How to Create a New Contact in Contact Manager
    1. Go to Components, and then click Contacts. You will be taken to the Contacts Manager window.
    2. Click New.
    3. Enter New Contact Details, these are basically, email, phone number, address etc.
    4. Click Save & Close to See List of your New Contact in Contact Manager.

    *Let’s assume that the contact we just created is titled "Contact Us".

    Now, let us to create a menu item called Contacts that will point to the "Contact Us" contact.

    Here...let’s refer to how we created a Menu item before:
    Click Menu...then Main Menu......then New

    In the "New" opened window, click Select in front of "Menu Item Type *" to pick the type of component this menu item will point to. In the pop up window, click "Contacts"...from the items that slid down, click "Single Contact"

    Click "Select" in front of "Select Contact *" to show and select "Contact Us" from the list.

    Enter Contacts as the "Menu Title".

    Under the "Advanced Options" tabbed item, Choose "Plain" in "Display Format" ie "Advanced Options" --- "Display Format"---"Plain".

    Note: With this, when the "Contacts" menu item is clicked at the frontend, the Contact Details plus a contact form is displayed.

    Click Save & Close. Go and refresh your homepage to see your new menu item called "Contacts" as shown below.