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I accidently stumbled on Joomla some years ago; a client demanded a site requiring storing and retrieving data. I looked everywhere for who to teach me, I spent some good cash yet there were no results until I met a guy who casually showed me the prospects of Joomla and I learnt it on my own!

Do you know that the Federal Republic of Nigeria's website http://www.nigeria.gov.ng/ was built using Joomla? Emphatically YES!!! And you can guess what that cost. Funny enough, I can put the Nigerian website http://www.nigeria.gov.ng running in a matter of hours.

You may want to know, on what authority or experience I want to teach Joomla. Well, I've been using Joomla to develop websites for over 8yrs now and within this period; I've done over a hundred websites with Joomla only. During the course of the class, if requested, I'll give URLs of some of the sites I've done with Joomla.

Joomla is quite very easy to learn and deploy. Within 3 hours, you can get a Joomla site moderately running. So you don't need to be an experienced website developer to learn Joomla, newbies can deploy a Joomla site within a day.

Requirements to be in this class? None! Anyone who can read this e-book and is willing to learn Joomla can grasp it.