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  1. Download the AMPPS installer package at http://ampps.com/downloads
  2. Run the installation file as you do with regular software and follow the step by step instructions.
  3. Open “AMPPS Control Panel Application” and start “Apache” and “MySQL”.

If all went well, the afore-mentioned services will start and you will have a similar screen below.

MySQL usually does start but you may have problem with the Apache and this usually an issue relating to “another port using “port:80””. To fix this, on the AMPPS user interface, click Apache, then Configuration as shown below.

The configuration file will open in a text editor like notepad.

Go the line 49 of that file and change “Listen 80” to “Listen 8080” save the file. Restart the Apache. Open your browser and type: “http://localhost:8080” and press enter.

If you don’t have the above issue, yours will be “http://localhost”. Your system now has a local server that will enable you develop the Joomla site as though you were online.

If your installation of AMPPS has gone as I outlined, by the time you type: http://localhost on your browser, you'll see the screen below.