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Building a loyal audience on publishing platforms requires more than typing out a few paragraphs on a topic and publishing them as a post. There are a number of simple, but easily-overlooked things that you can do to make your content more engaging and effective, without needing a techie’s help. Below are 10 points to review before publishing.

1. If It’s Bad, Kill It.

This is some simple yet not often-used writing advice from none other than Stephen King. Many people still don’t understand the most basic principle of the Internet: what you post online might end up staying online forever. The moment you publish something, people will link to it, quote it, and screenshot  it. If you’re about to post something that you suspect you might regret later, fix it first, or don't post at all.

2. Verify Voice, Structure, and Formatting

Before you publish your post for the world to see, you’ll want to double check your work. After all, you've already put so much time and effort into researching and writing the post - it’s always worth it to take an extra few minutes to make sure you’re getting your point across properly. First check the post’s “voice”, the tone and style of the writing. Does the text come across as something that will appeal to your target audience? Does it match your brand? Is it appropriate for the subject matter? If the answer to any of these questions is uncertain, you probably still have some work to do. Next, make sure that everything is in the right place, and that all of the formatting is correct. Sometimes bolding, heading, and justifying text can make all the difference in how neat your article looks. 

3. Follow a Headline Formula

In order to write great headlines, you need to follow a 3-step formula:

  1. Make it engaging.
  2. Make it descriptive.