Easy Steps You can Follow to Design a Website in 24hrs or Less using Joomla! 

While Joomla has quickly become one of the most powerful open sources content management systems in the world today, chances are - unless you are a professional website developer - you aren't very familiar with it.

But don't worry. 

Now you can quickly and easily learn everything you need to know to become a Joomla expert and begin using it to create money-making websites!... all from one convenient, inexpensive ebook! 

It's true. 

Please allow me to introduce our Joomla 3.x Simplified eBook.

This is your chance to discover how to install, configure and take advantage of all of Joomla's features - even those that self-proclaimed Joomla experts don't know about - to best manage your website! 

But, first, before we go any further, let me answer the question you may likely ask right now and that is: 

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a revolutionary open-source system that is just as cool to work with as it sounds. If you have a webpage that needs to be continuously updated, Joomla will quickly become your best friend. With Joomla, you can download it and then completely forget about coding, programming and designing.

That's right, you can just sit back and let Joomla do all the hard work for you. 

  • Whether you want to update your design template or set up a forum on your website, Joomla will allow you to do it all through a browser-based interface. 
  • Nothing could be simpler!
  • Finally, You Can Have a Website That Will Create a Lasting Impression With Customers!  
  • Learn how to use Joomla and you'll be able to turn even the most ineffective and boring site into a magnet for traffic and sales.  
  • It's time to break free from "the herd" and give yourself the unique online presence you need to send profits soaring! 

Get the "Joomla 3.x Simplied!" ebook today and here is just some of what you will learn: 

  • The history of Joomla - including why programmers would want to create this amazing program for FREE!
  • Unique Joomla features - plus, how to best take advantage of them!
  • The three main categories of Joomla add-ons - along with how to find the right add-ons for your website in no time!
  • How to break free from the sea of similar-looking websites - you'll learn how to use Joomla to create your own unique site that will draw people like a picnic draws ants!
  • How to use Joomla extensions to ensure your customers have a great experience at your site - if you read nothing else, you must read this important profit-generating information!
  • How to get answers to ANY Joomla questions that you might have - it's remarkably simple to do when you follow this tip!
  • How Joomla compares to other content management systems.
  • How to install and configure Joomla like a seasoned expert - and you'll also learn how to use Joomla to greatly reduce the time you spend managing your site!
  • How to install and run Joomla from your computer with internet connection!
  • How to become an expert on Joomla menus, links and navigation - plus, how to eliminate all the manual administrative tasks that currently take up so much of your time!
  • How to use the cPanel!

And much more, including:  

  • How to use Joomla to add, revise and maintain your website content much faster than you ever imagined possible! 
  • How to create an eCommerce website with Joomla that will send money flooding into your bank account 24/7!

This is your chance to learn how to use Joomla to create a website that will start turning your prospects into paying customers in no time!  

And The Best Part Is That You Can Be Reading This e-Book in any moment from now!  

Here's How To Order NOW! 

Joomla 3.x eBook! is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer and most mobile phones. All you need is "Adobe Reader" or "Acrobat eBook Reader" which is available free and already on most computers or phones. If you do not have it installed on your computer or mobile telephone, it'll email it to you with the eBook when you place order. 

Bonus: You will receive a Free eBook on how to use the cPanel. The Cpanel short eBook provides the basic understanding of the cPanel for those who intend building websites that have to do with using databases. This eBook will also help those who require the knowledge of administering elementary cPanel functions like creating email accounts.

Read this cPanel eBook to find out exactly how to get the basics from cPanel in all aspects of your website management: web, email, FTP, databases and more. 

The Cost of the Joomla 3.x eBook is N2000 only.
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1. The eBook could not guide you to making your first Joomla website either online or offline. 

2. Though we will guide you all through the process of making your first Joomla website, we will not be liable if you are unable to make other 3rd applications work.

3. We tried to make our content as original as it could be but in the event where we lift content or quote others for emphasis sake, we acknowledged such materials or authors. Most content from the eBook where materials we gathered from teaching Joomla and feedback we received from our students. Our refund policy does not cover eBooks or other materials you think are similar to the content we provided in our eBook.

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