Free Templates

Websites where you can download Free Joomla Templates.

Templates are one of the great features of Joomla. The separation of the content from the look of a website enables users to quickly change the look of a site without changing any of the content.

You will probably find that the same templates are repeated over and over again in each site listed here since each site tries to gather as many templates as possible.  

  1. SiteGround offer Joomla hosting and a good number of free Joomla Templates:
  2. The largest collection (1400+) of free templates can be found here:
  3. Another large collection of free templates, though the website is in German:
  4. Andria from has a collection of 14 templates for various flavours of Joomla with at least 5 for Joomla 3.1
  5. JoomlaShack have a good collection of free templates, and template creation tutorials:
  6. A good collection of (hopefully) quality templates:
  7. Easy to browse templates with preview:,com_templates/Itemid,160/
  8. Generic Templates site with a specific category for Joomla:
  9. Joomla Templates from Italia:
  10. Template 4 All also provide a nice selection of Free Joomla Templates:
  11. JoomlaShine have a nice selection of both free and commercial Joomla templates:
  12. Smart Addons also have a free Joomla template:
  13. Gavern is another free Joomla template from Gavick:,93.html
  14. ZooTemplate have at least 5 free templates:
  15. A recent discovery of ours, the website has a very good selection of freebies
  16. The Gantry Framework is also a great framework from RocketTheme, which is an excellent choice as a free Joomla template:
  17. JoomFreak have about 11 free Joomla templates:
  18. JoomlaVisually also have a few free Joomla templates:
  19. YjSimpleGrid is a full framework for developing your own Joomla templates: and also has the YouGrids template
  20.  Some 6 Joomla 3.1 templates from Joomla Mart:
  21. OrdaSoft also has one blank Joomla template for you to build on:
  22. JoomlaFuture is another responsive template for Joomla3:
  23. There are a good 20 free templates for various version of Joomla at